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Ever Been? The Deli Llama

May 29, 2010  |  gay san diego, Reviews, theysaid  |  No Comments
By Joey K.

I’ve been waiting months for the opportunity to swing by The Deli Llama for lunch. It’s a couple blocks from my house and it looked interesting.

When it first opened, its hours were M-F until 3PM. Recently, they started opening on Saturdays until 2PM (I think.) It wasn’t exactly convenient to go on my lunch break and they were always closed when I got home and wanted dinner. Fortunately, during the recent Taste of Hillcrest weekend, I was finally able to stop by this place and give it a try.

I can sum up my feelings in six words: I can’t wait to go back! Now, let me elaborate. Read More

Another One Bites The Dust…Backwards

May 27, 2010  |  Medical Marijuana, theysaid  |  4 Comments

Medical Marijuana may, for some, be just a drug. For others, it’s a quality of life necessity.

By Joe F.

So let me start out with this disclaimer…I really do suffer from migraine headaches that are debilitating and cumbersome. I even have a refillable prescription for a 5-HT1 Agonist Triptan. The drug, however, is sometimes ineffective, especially if I don’t take it as soon as the migraine starts. Sometimes I don’t know if my headache is going to be a migraine or just a regular headache at the onset, and I would be in the poorhouse if I took a Maxalt for every single headache. For those of you that suffer from migraines, you know that over the counter pain relievers don’t work and, most of the time, prescription meds are ineffective and costly. There is one other treatment that works, is relatively inexpensive and easy to acquire…and that treatment is marijuana. Read More

LIVE from Green Fresh Florals 5/20/10

May 25, 2010  |  Episodes  |  No Comments

This week, we broadcast ‘alfresco style’ on the patio of Green Fresh Florals in Hillcrest, the premier floral design studio in Southern California. Ophelia Later and Aaron Heier wrapped up the birthday week(s) with hot topics & dirty dish on reality TV, puke, pee, the legacy of Harvey Milk, Gay Rodeos and censorship and shared a host of upcoming events that truly make San Diego sizzle!

LIVE from Baja Betty’s 5/13/10

May 25, 2010  |  Episodes  |  No Comments

Live from Baja Betty’s in Hillcrest, Ophelia and Aaron were en fuego with hot topics like Rentboys and reality TV, events including Harvey Milk Day and Wii Olympics and some audience Q&A that’s not fit for prime time…that is why we stream. Broadcast from the Cabana Table in the new Garden Room at fabulous Betty’s in Hillcrest.

LIVE from Mankind 5/6/10

May 25, 2010  |  Episodes  |  No Comments

NOTE: As you can see, the video was removed for “Violating UStream’s Terms of Service.” This is what happens when people get jealous. This week we went LIVE from ManKind, the Lifestyle Boutique, Hillcrest’s ‘it’ spot for all your erotic adult needs, such as videos, lube, vibrators (the Lelo) and big FISTS. We had a gab fest about Dr. Rekers’ Rentboy, charities, Harvey Milk Day & Ophelia’s boobs…yes, boobs! Thanks to Dave from 619Bearcast for showing up and confronting his dragphobia.