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I am a Survivor of Suicide

September 25, 2014  |  hesaid, theysaid, Uncategorized  |  5 Comments

Kurt Cunningham A first-person guest editorial by Kurt Cunningham   

I tried to end my life one night after having a wonderful fun-filled evening with friends.  It was in November 2012 — I had a plan in place for months. Not one person had any idea what I was planning to do.

After a series of life-changing events that began in 2009 and included the closing my once- successful business of nine years, and culminated with the death of my mother in August 2012 life just seemed unbearable to me. My finances were a mess. My health wasn’t great. And I couldn’t make a romantic relationship last more than a few months.  Read More

They Said 6/25/14

June 25, 2014  |  Episodes, gay san diego, News, theysaid  |  No Comments

Wrapping up the They Said season before Summer Hiatus, Dustin was the lone regular on panel at the Brass Rail studio this week, joined by Ana, Jamie and Trent…all filling in for the rest of the busy crew. This week, they imbibed – a lot – and talked the Del Mar Fair, the World Cup, AIDS Walk San Diego, the Amazing High Heel Race, Hits Runs & Whores fundraiser for the gay softball league and Ana’s pending eviction while her wife is deployed. Jamie was certainly enjoying her bevies. We have two words: carne asada! See you back here in August!  Read More

They Said 6/18/14

June 18, 2014  |  Episodes, gay san diego, News, theysaid  |  No Comments

Lots of chat happening at the Brass Rail studio this week with Ana joining Kiki, La Lee and a late Dustin to dish the news & hot topics circling the interwebs. The crew talked about Iraq and if the US should send more troops, Pastor Joel Olsteen‘s mega price for his mega events, the #MarchforMarriage and coverage on JoeMyGod, Gov. Perry‘s homosexuality is like alcoholism comments, the Pittsburgh Pride attack involving a police officer & how some gays are anti-drag and can be more rude than straights. Whew! Sit back, pop in those earbuds and enjoy!  Read More

They Said 6/11/14

June 11, 2014  |  Episodes, gay san diego, News, theysaid  |  No Comments

Back at the Brass Rail studio & minus Miss Kiki, the crew got down ‘n dirty on some big news topics, gay cakes + more. La Lee, Dustin & Courtney discussed Ophelia’s take on the Colorado Cake controversy and gave their two cents. They also dished the new Shadow Mountain branch Southern Baptist Church that’s opened in Hillcrest, California Chrome‘s Kentucky Derby run and his owner’s meltdown and shared what Pride means to each of them. What does Pride mean to you? Share your comments below and we’ll read them next webisode.  Read More

They Said 6/4/14

June 4, 2014  |  Episodes, gay san diego, News, theysaid  |  No Comments

After a week vacay so everyone could enjoy the Memorial Weekend, Courtney & Kiki were back on panel with Dustin and La Lee and they had quite a bit of catching up to do…and lots of hot topics to dish. The RuPaul v Carmen Carrera in Tr*nnygate, Mexican jokes, the new Galactic Cap condom, Justin Bieber’s racist joke and TIME Magazine cover girl Laverne Cox being called “not a real woman” by a syndicated columnist that appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times. What’s your take? Do you think RuPaul’s use of the word Tr*nny is okay? Leave us your comments & we may just share them during next week’s webcast.  Read More