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LIVE from Urban Mo’s 1/11/14

January 11, 2014  |  Episodes, gay san diego, News  |  No Comments

We’re back from holiday hiatus & while Aaron and Producer Jay were having difficulty remembering how to get it all going, Ophelia was just as bossy as ever. With new hair dos in tow, Aaron and Ophelia caught up on all their hiatus shenanigans, talked Chargers & SDAFFL, holiday parties, drunken excursions with drag queens, trips to San Francisco and Palm Springs with a little stop-over at the E.R. due to a rather unfortunate house-cleaning accident. Oh, it’s gonna be another fine year of HSSS chat sessions. So, grab your cocktails – and your earbuds – and enjoy the show! Read More

They Said 12/11/13

December 11, 2013  |  Episodes, gay san diego, News, theysaid  |  No Comments

Kiki was back to join La Lee, Dustin & Courtney at the Brass Rail studio for what may or may not be the last webisode of 2013! They got the ball rolling catching up on Kiki’s travels and moved right into the sex talk which included a demonstration on the use of Femidoms (female condoms) on the prosthetic ass known as ‘Oscar’ who was very photogenic. They also talked Nelson Mandela, Paul Walker, minimum wage, events & more. Read More

LIVE from Urban Mo’s: Last Webcast of 2013

December 10, 2013  |  Episodes, gay san diego, News  |  No Comments

Ophelia, Aaron & Producer Jay are heading into holiday hiatus, but not before we post our last show for 2013. Back at our fab home, the Copa Bar at Urban Mo’s, we bellied up to the studio table for a few shots, lots of laughs & a quick visit from the always vocal, always vivacious Gouda! We talked parties & events around town, giving to charities for the holidays, helping those in need year-round, Nelson Mandela, Paul Walker and much more. Happy Holidays from all of us at – see you back here in 2014!

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They Said 12/3/13

December 3, 2013  |  Episodes, gay san diego, News, theysaid  |  No Comments

All full from Thanksgiving, La Lee, Dustin & Courtney arrived at the Brass Rail…only to forget Kiki was still on holiday vacay. So, they tackled a few topics on their own. And, by on their own, it became a laugh-fest all about vagina knitting, condoms, sex and more sex. They got a little serious talking about the lesbian lying liar who faked the restaurant receipt, actor Paul Walker‘s untimely death, World AIDS Day and Holiday giving. Don’t forget those less fortunate this holiday season & donate to charities and other worthwhile causes.  Read More

LIVE from Urban Mo’s 11/22/13

November 23, 2013  |  Episodes, gay san diego, News  |  No Comments

After the week Aaron had, Ophelia couldn’t wait to hear the story of his stolen wallet & iPhone…and rub it in that he was actually off his phone long enough for it to get stolen. After detailing the wretched account, and downing some cocktails, we discussed the San Diego mayoral election results, Ophelia’s first night at Lips co-hosting Bitchy Bingowhere she actually performed – and some other goings on that had our tits in a ringer. Finally, we welcomed two married hotties from the San Diego Armada Rugby Team to fill us in on what’s happening December 6-8 during the Rucktacular Rugby Tournament that weekend. San Diego will be hosting teams from Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco as well as players from Denver and Phoenix who will all be rough housing in teeny tiny shorts on Robb Field, followed by swilling copious amounts of beer at the Hole, while singing a song or five. Check out the Armada online or Facebook to get all the event details. And, get out there and support your local sports teams! Read More