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LIVE with ChristWire 11/16/11

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November 16, 2011  |  Episodes, gay san diego, News

It’s finally here, the epic interview we’ve been waiting months for. Earlier this year, Ophelia and Aaron chatted about a blog post titled “20 Ways To Tell If Your Teenage Daughter is a Lesbian” found on the holiest of sites on the net, ChristWire, and since, HSSS been a target of their “righteously” brutal anti-homo agenda. We’ve shared several of their blogs and they’ve fought back by exposing us as the gerbilling, homo-facist ManDykes that we are. After months of back and forth, we nabbed the interview of the year – a sit down with ChristWire co-founder & regular contributor Bryan Blake. Tattooed, toned & very easy on the eyes, Bryan shared with us how ChristWire started and what it has grown to become, a virtual magnifying glass for the often over the top idiocy that is the ‘Religious Right.’ ChristWire receives millions of hits a month, with contributors from across the globe and has spawned not only a book (out next month,) but very soon, a play along the lines of the Vagina Monologues. Get to know the man behind the Christ…wire. Oh, and speaking of vajayjay, here are 51 ChristWire-approved descriptors for the lady part that won’t make you sound like a vulgar heathen! 


  1. How DARE you drug Mr. Blake and force him to lie about Christwire!!

  2. OH snap! Derwood, Derick, Daren, whatever his name is an Apple detractor…..liked him till that point.

    Awesome interview guys, best to date (that I’ve watched).

  3. I tolerated this.

  4. Listen here you HOMO TWADDLE FINGER TOUCHERS! I see that you have slipped our intern some roofies and have him using the devil’s tongyue, just like you two colon sprawlers like to do with your tongues! The devil tongue’s game! Flicking each other like a snake coked up on meth!

    Well you two fecal maistros listen here. The only tunes gays will be playing in the long run in the sad ballad of fiery sodomy when Satan gets hold to you! YOu hear me? You liquored him up so you can try to lick him up! I cannot wait to get down there and pray for all of you sodomites. Sinners!


  5. Is the woman a tranny?

  6. LOVE IT!!!!!!

  7. John I think the Ophelia women is a lesbian here. Those milksacks look sinful but authentic, where you can tell the flesh job of a fake transgenic homosexual.

  8. Abe, you’d love to get all cock deep in her.

  9. No thank you I’m am a happy married man and convicted of God! I would never cheat on my wife and let alone do so with a Jezebel lesbian trying to entice with her forbidden chest fruit.

  10. I want you three to make a ‘sandwich’ video, if you know what I mean!


  1. Bryan Blake Drugged and Forced to Lie About Our Site on HSSS.TV
  2. Joe My God and Aaron Heier Conspire to Destroy NOM with New York Times “Tensions between Blacks and Gays” Race-Bait Scandal

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