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LIVE from The Hole 7/8/11

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July 8, 2011  |  Episodes, gay san diego

Back from a nice long holiday weekend with Producers Joey & Kurt in tow, we descended upon the pretty much world famous Hole in Pt. Loma for our weekly dish of news & views with a little booze. San Diego’s getting hot, noted by Aaron’s persistent sweating, but with bevies in hand, we recapped our Fourth of July weekends and moved on to hot topics: the Casey Anothony verdict, the passing of Jason “Cowboy” Huggins, the federal court’s DADT discharge stop order and the 3-alarm Hillcrest fire that displaced several residents and businesses including gayborhood staple Obelisk Book Shoppe. Then, Aaron & Ophelia discussed first date etiquette and gave their personal do’s & do not’s. Finally, after sweating through a second shirt & mini pitcher of beer, Aaron wrapped up with upcoming events including Bear Happy Hour at Pecs, Ophelia’s Wet ‘n Wilder fundraiser for the HYC, Food Truck Fabulousness to benefit AIDS Walk & the Center’s Champagne Breakfast to kick-off Pride. And don’t forget, you can join the He Said / sHe Said & They Said AIDS Walk team NOW… you’ll get a sexy new team t-shirt to wear for the walk, too. 

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  1. Hold up—there is no such thing in the American legal system as a verdict of “Innocent”. It is “Guilty” or “Not Guilty”….and all “Not Guilty” means is that the prosecution did not succeed in proving its case. In this case, the prosecution had a horrible construction because they could not even tell the jury how the victim died–if you cannot tell jurors how someone died, then you cannot realistically argue for capital murder. Is she responsible for the child’s death? Yes, most likely…but we will not know now, because the prosecution team could not load their gun with the correct ammunition against her. At no time does the jury saying “Not Guilty” means she had a verdict of “Innocent”.

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